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Planning for education fees

Introducing the smart way to pay for your children's education


All parents would like their children to receive the best possible education, and of course this is no different for people living and working abroad.

The cost of education, whilst varying greatly across the world, can be a tremendous burden on a family's finances, especially if funded through disposable income.

But there is another way: a specialist education fees plan. The solution to paying for education fees? A clear plan and real expertise.

Regular saving through an education fees plan could be the only way you can afford the education you want for your children.

The benefits of an education fees plan

  • Complete flexibility - use regular savings, lump sums, or other assets.
  • A great way start planning and saving early.
  • Avoids paying for fees out of taxed income.
  • Plans can be backed by a payment protection plan for even greater peace of mind, for example in the event of unemployment, injury, illness or death.

Why you should talk to Infinity about education fees planning

  • Our financial consultants are experienced in offering guidance and advice on building a fund for private schooling and university.
  • Most of us are expats too - and we're used to working with expats with different circumstances across the Far East.
  • Our specialist consultants will explain the options available from the huge range of savings and investment solutions for education fees planning.
  • Long-term financial planning is at the heart of our business.

One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is a debt free university education.

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Things you need to know about education fees

  • Inflation is generally far higher for education fees than for general inflation
  • The cost of education fees varies substantially across the world
  • ...and international schools often cost more than local or government-run schools
  • An education fees plan can help relieve the burden of paying fees from savings or monthly income

We have the expertise to help you build the right plan for your children's school and university costs.

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